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"Surviving Winter" Zine

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My first photography zine, shipping now.

$10 shipped in the USA

$15 shipped everywhere else in the world.

Photographs made between December 2020 and February 2021, in western New York, shot on various black and white film stocks using medium format or large format (4x5) cameras, home developed, and scanned. Each photo is captioned with the film and camera used

From the introduction:

"This winter was always going to be a long one. They usually are in Western New York even without a pandemic to take away many of the diversions we rely on to make it through the season. Without much to do besides work and sit at home over the past few months, I started going out to shoot film. I didn’t necessarily have this zine in mind but, as the weeks wore on, I found myself seeking out a sense of wildness (though all but a few of these photographs were made within a 5-10 minutes’ drive of downtown Buffalo).

There is more natural beauty in this corner of New York State than many realize, and when the snows come, the landscape is instantly transformed. As the winds blow off Lake Erie, the scenery changes by the hour or even the minute. Snow lends a starkness to the landscape that naturally made me reach into the black and white corner of my film fridge, just as I couldn’t keep Kodak Ektar out of my cameras during fall foliage season."

Zine info: 

6x8.25 inches

44 pages

31 black and white photographs

Using Format